PCU Application for International Student(Exchange Student Program) 2017-2018




Check List

Exchange Student Program)



Application for International Students


ecommendation from


(2) No, but I will submit the document in person

when I arrive at

A proof (copy) of health

(2) No, but I will submit the document in person

(3) No, I will purchase health insurance when I arrive



[Free form]

— The test from the hospital must include the tests that PCU Dormitory Office requires.




A proof (copy) of health / medical insurance

arrive at PCU.




Application for International Student

Admission Semester

B. Student Information

Date of Birth


Country of

Alien Registration Number


C. Emergency Contact Information

D. On-Campus Dormitory Application

Please select one room type that you are interest in from below. (V)

E. Health / Medical Insurance & Condition

Please list any health problems, special physical or emotional conditions have.




F. Educational History

Do you have a TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Certificate? (yes or no)

s Signature


(1) I verify that I understand the above questions and have provided accurate and complete information on the application, self-description, study plan and any supplements.

Chai University rules and regulations.

Chai University to release information from my records when are needed for academic administration and immigration issues.




Date (yyyy.mm.dd)

H. Home (Sending) University

Home University Mailing Address

— Certificate of Admission and Invitation Letter will be sent to the home university mailing address, not to the students.


This is to confirm that our university (college, institution) is recommending the above student

Chai University.




Date (yyyy.mm.dd)




— Please describe your aptitudes, hobbies and philosophy of life.





Study Plan

Please include the answers of the following questions in your study plan.

Chai University?






Sending Application


Please send this application form (photo attached and signed) and other required application materials

by post mail.


Mailing Address:

Chai University


, Manager

Office phone number: +82 42 520 5243








in English or Korean.

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